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    Default new queen question

    I'm a brand newbie with two hives. I put the bees in yesterday, and discovered that one of my queens had died in transit. Those bees were noticably cranky compared to the bees with a live queen, who were almost like ladybugs in their gentleness.

    I was able to get a new queen this morning, and I hung her cage in the hive immediately. She's plugged in with hard candy. My question is, how long does she need to hang in the hive before I can release her? And since it's hard candy, will she be released by the bees eating the candy, or should I take the candy out at some point and put in a marshmallow?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Usually, the bees will eat the candy. I'd check in a week and release her if she's not out by then. That'll give them plenty of time to get used to her.
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    Four days is usually good.
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