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    Default Does sting poison vary?

    I ask this because, after a year of working my few hives, the throb from a sting normally does not last long at all, and there is not very much swelling...However, I have one hive that is Russian Hybrid, and when they chance to dob me, it does not take long for this 54 year old to want his mommy---...I know to get the stinger and sacks off of me fast, but the time it takes to do that does not seem to matter with the stings from this batch of otherwise very gentle bees. The throb goes on and on, and swelling is a lot more pronounced than stings from the other hives.Three stings had my hand looking like a catcher's mitt for days....So, there a difference in strengths or types with stinger poison?

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    Interesting observation. I see variation from sting to sting, depending on the dose, the location, etc. I haven't correlated to a type of bee yet.


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