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    Default Protecting the Hive from Pesticides???

    Greetings Everyone!

    I am a new beekeeper. I've been reading the posts on here for about 4 months and finally the weather is warming up to a point where I can take the wealth of knowledge I've been learning from all of you and put it into practice.

    I feel fairly confident as I'm about to hive my 1st packages. My concern, however, is that since my hives are located on my friends dairy farm, about 15 feet off of the corn fields, I'm unsure what precautions I should take when they apply pesticides. My friend is generous enough that he will give me advance warning. I've read that putting a wet bed sheet over the hive, the morning before the spraying will help. I believe Dadant even sells a special net for relocating hives, which can also be used to keep bees inside while pesticides are applied.

    Any Advice?

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    I keep some #8 hardware cloth around (the holes are 1/8") and take a piece the length of the hive entrance and fold it into a V.Then shove it in the hive entrance. That'll keep em in.
    I guess you could do the same with window screen
    hopefully if you keep them in a day you won't have trouble, they shouldn't forage on corn anyway

    welcome aboard, good luck with your bees



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