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    Default Do I have a problem?

    Hived new package 13 days ago. After 5 days we checked and the queen was no longer in the screened box, but we are newbies and couldn't see her. We also couldn't see eggs, but we were using new foundation and the bees were just building it out. There were a few eggs in the burr comb around the queen cage.
    During the next week we saw a lot of pollen going in and they are drinking syrup.
    But today - essentially the end of the second week, we went in and found all the bees on the first five or so frames one side of the hive (ie not centered). Lots of bees. Lots of building on both sides of 3 - 5 frames. Some cells that looked like pollen. Some seemed to have honey glistening in them - BUT almost no visible eggs (I could make our only a few and they were single and centered). Should I be seeing more brood - or is this normal when they have to start fresh on new (crimp wire) foundation???

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    everything sound fine and normal. The honey you are seeing is the syrup you are feeding. If they are drawing comb and bringing in pollen you have a queen right colony. I dont worry to much about trying to find the queen. keep looking for signs she is laying. The bees will move all around the hive has they build comb. Bees dont know the definition of center.

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    Smile Major Problem

    yes you have a problem- you have you first success and now you will be craving more and more. welcome to the support group!
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    Default No Problemo

    Sounds ok to me...hopefully all is well. God bless and good luck!
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    evaST-b writes:
    Some seemed to have honey glistening in them

    tecumseh ask:
    could this be young larvae in their pool of feed? it does glisten especially in newly drawn foundation.

    at thirteen days you should have a good quantity of brood in the early age of development... uncapped larvae. fairly quickly (maybe 7 days) you should see this brood being capped.


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