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    Hi All

    I installed 2 new packages on Thursday and popped the cork on the queen.
    I need to go into today to make sure she is out and put the frame back in. On both hives I am using a gallon jug to feed them in an empty super above. I noticed a lot of bees are hanging around up top, even at night. Is this normal and should I be ok?

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    Once she is released things should normalize but you'll need to check that she is free. If you meant hanging around any place other than inside the feeding super, like outside, then you have issues. Everything is most likely alright, it's only been a couple of days so give them a chance to adjust to their new home.
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    It shouldn't be hot in MA. I would check and see what's up. If there aren't a lot of bees inside, I'd say they are thinking about absconding. If they are overflowing with bees, I'd say some bees probably moved in from the next door and they need more room.
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