In total I have checked 24 hives so far today. Some seem to have been hit by CCD. Here is the tally, and the list of simptoms:

Location one: 6 hives in the fall, one dead from a split that never took off.
3 hives alive, two dead from CCD. 5 of the 6 hives were healthy in the fall.

Location two: 6 hives in the fall, one dead because two queens never took, low numbers, and almost no stores. I gave up on this one and let them die. 5 hives healthy in the fall.
Today, three dead from CCD, two are questionable because I could not find the cluster, but I did hear them. I suspect they are weak for some reason, but didn't want to open them because of the cold weather.

Location 3: 5 hives in the fall. One dead out from starvation, 4 alive but need fed. Currently feeding. Note: These hives are VERY isolated. The only hive that could be in range is one that I now manage. This one hive in range was abandoned years ago and survived on its own. It is still healthy, no treatments are ever used on it, I never open the hive except to add or take honey suppers. In any case, I don't see any real problems with this location, but wanted to mention the isolation.

Location 4: 13 hives going into fall. Three dead from starvation, eight from CCD, two still alive. Special note for this yard, I forgot to put mouse guards on in the fall.

A few important notes about the CCD hives:

1. Every CCD hive is next to another CCD hive, usually in groups of 2-4 depending on the number of hives in the yard.

2. Every CCD hive has no bees at all, not even dead ones.

3. Every CCD hive is full of honey, and honey is still capped.

4. No robbing, even though there has been a few warm days lately. However, all hives that died from starvation have been robbed of the few stores remaining on the outside frames. I even found the cappings on the bottom boards. But no discarded cappings in the CCD hives.

5. All hives that died of starvation and did not have a mouse guard, had a mouse or two in them. Even the two hives that I found alive in Location 4 had a mouse that I chased out.

6. All hives that died from CCD did not have a mouse, or any other living thing in them.

This year SUCKED!