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    Question Got some (?) of a swarm now what?

    Yesterday ,about an hour before sunset , I took my swarm trap out of a tree and hived the swarm about 100 feet away from the tree. This morning there is good activity at the new hive, but there is also a large cloud of bees hovering in the tree around the place where the trap had been. The bees had been living in the trap about 10 days.

    Am I going to lose the swarm? Is there anything I can do to help the bees find their new home? I am a hobby beekeeper with two hives plus this new possible one. The trap was one of those paper mache buckets with a lure in it. The lure is now in the new hive, and I used the "branch in front of the Hive" to help them get orientated. (I am almost sure I got the queen)

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    The bees you are seeing around where the swarm trap was located had orientated to that location. When you put the branch in front of the hive sometimes that does not always work. They may cluster up near where the swarm trap was located at dark. you may be able to get them back to the hive. this would be a shot in the dark

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    Some will always go back, then they will circle until they find the new location or some hive (whichever comes first). Odds are by tonight they will find the new location. There are many variations to get them to reorient. Grass in front of the entrance, confining them for a day, banging on the hive until they all start fanning, but all of them will only work for most of the bees. Some will still go back and then circle until the find the new location.
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