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    Default A little worried

    Hello today i went to look at my hives and found that one of them had a small cloud of bees flying around doing thier play flights which they did it a couple of days ago. So i went into it to see how things were going when to my surprise i saw they were building comb from one of the frames where the queen and brood was they had built it to the inner cover. But with the amount of bees i saw the past two days this week they are building up good but they are not expanding the brood nest and it is cool at night so i am afraid to do any moving around because i do not want to kill any brood they are staying on the middle three frames and filling up with pollen and syrup should i move the empty combs close to the brood area or just wait.


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    I'd just wait until the weather stablizes enough that chilled brood isn't a concern. Granted, the queen might lay in empty comb, but chances are they couldn't cover it during a cold spell, an it would all die anyway. I would also limit any broodnest intrusions until the weather was warmer.
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