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    I've reported the negative experience with Honeyland Farms but there is also a positive in my experience with them. I introduced the 4 Queens with push in cages in a 5 frame deep nuc (3 frames bees, pollen, honey- two frames foundation). After a week 3 of the 4 were laying with the fourth nowhere to be found. Shortly after I moved to 10 frame equipment adding some drawn comb and a few frames of foundation. Since then I've fed sugar syrup. I checked today and found all three queens laying beautifully. I'll need to super the three hives soon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tarheit View Post
    I understand the sediment that the 'higher profit' customer gets the most attention, but you can't ignore the small guys.

    They may be your big customer tomorrow, and have more voices and often the time to use it. Don't discount the influence of the small guy.

    I agree wholeheartedly... I don't think anyone here is saying that it's ok to ignore the small guy.... What I'm saying is that I understand WHY it happens. It doesn't excuse it....

    Chef says....

    Sheri and Dan, we will never agree. It is good to have people like ya all to "represent" folk on in large busineses. And nice to have pain the butts like me to represent smaller folk. But to be honest, negelct to the smaller folks is the exact reason why customer service as gone to ****.

    Once again Chef you are reading more into the comments than are there. I don't represent ANYONE BUT MYSELF. I hardly think my current level of 50+ hives puts me representing any large businesses... For the record... I've merely attempted to point out what happens in the real world and WHY it happens. There should be a better system but this is reality. For this reason I try to give most of my business to smaller players. I don't order enough queens to be a big guy... and as you say... people have choices. I have most often chosen the smaller player. I've been absolutely thrilled with my queens from tarheit and will order from him again. I am a small beekeeper and a small producer to local folks. I can give better customer service IMHO than a big player... just laying out reality Chef... not taking sides.

    Oh... and an apology to me not necessary. I don't take anything on this site personal. We should all be able to voice our opinions and have a debate about the topics. As long as its done with the right attitude and spirit.

    Chef says....
    It just pisses me off that the small guys get pushed aside by bigger orders.

    I say who cares. Choices right? As a small beekeeper, I say stay with the small producers. You'll likely get a better queen and better customer service.

    Did I mention tarheit has good queens?
    Dan Williamson
    B&C Honey Farm

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    Honeyland Farms(WI location) isn't far from me, I drove down last summer and bought two queens. We stood and shot the breeze for a while, and he kept offering to add attendants to the cages if I wanted them, all while his work crew stood around waiting on him! I ordered packages from him this year

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    Default Re: Honey Land Farms

    Quote Originally Posted by Trevor Mansell View Post
    The truth is you only ordered 4 queens he probably isnt going to take the time to make sure you are happy. You should try Miksa in Groveland he is more knowledgeable and will actually take time to talk to you. He also has a better product, just my opinion.
    Hey, Trevor what about the Miksa in Polk City?

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