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    Default Mann Lake's SuperBoost

    Anyone ever tried it? Good? Bad? Worth the $7? Also anyone know about the Bee Buck$ program? Thanks

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    Seeing how both just came out, there hasn't been good weather to try it. Sunday it was 72 degrees and I popped a few hive tops. Queens are laying and there were unsealed larvae present. Today (Tuesday) it barely reached 32 degrees.

    Mann Lake has some good people behind the developmet of superboost. Whether I can make it work under my management is another story, as it always is.

    I'm going to try both of these programs, hoping the superboost returns a minimum of one quart more honey than none-boosted bees (that's all it would take to pay for it's inclusion). And the bee bucks program will need more time and purchases.

    Jackson, MO
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