Thanks for the help, everyone. I got all my equipment and hive setup, plus put in my package order last night from Rick Reault at NEbees in Tynsborough. From what little I know, it looks like a good setup -- I just need to paint it and make a stand to keep the skunks away.

For anyone who's wondering Rick has a small inventory of supplies but he did have everything I needed to get started in stock and gave me some pointers on how to get started. I would recommend that anyone considering driving there, that they call first as the hours aren't necessarily correct (fortunately I called first so didn't have to make an extra trip). He also has some online videos at his web site which explain better than words ever will how to install a package and set-up a hive.

My brother-in-law is in his second year of beekeeping so I should be able to get help from him if necessary (I don't have time at this point for bee school -- too many hobbies and other commitments).

PerryBee, I've always wondered about the "other" Lunenburg up north. I always see it when I do a search for local town info. I'll bet its mighty cold up there...