Hi folks. I got around thirty boards that are 24 inches wide, 30 inches tall, and one inch (little less) thick. They are fully finished yellow pine, and were gave to me as an organization was throwing them away. They appear to be 4 inch boards that are glued side by side to make the full 24 inch wide board. The finish appears to be a commercially applied hard polyurethane. They were bookshelves and appear to have held up well to scratches.

I've had some recent luck making woodenware. I can take an old cedar board and whip up a screened bottom board or migratory top, titebond glued and screwed together, in no time flat. This is kind of nice to be able to just make what i need in a hurry. I just remember all the dimensions, use a pencil, square, and tape measure and small trim saw and cut away.

So I'd like to use these boards, but I am wondering if laminated boards (laminated side by side) have a tendency to seperate over a year or so?

What if I hit them with a coat of latex paint?

if this is a lost cause, tell me and I'll change directions here and use the boards as wains coating in my home.