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    Question How to get icons in your thread?

    I can get a happy or sad face to show up on end of the title of a new post but not in the post itself how does one do this?? (blue question mark symbol should be here) ( this would be a happy face full of teeth here) thanks!
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    there are 2 ways to reply to a thread
    the "quick reply" thingy has less options
    the "post reply" button has more options
    which do you use?


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    I use the post reply, as you can see I cant get a icon the message, it just shows up beside the title..??
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    Go to your user edit options.....scroll all the way to the bottom.......make it look like this: Save changes or you will have to do it over.

    Miscellaneous Options :

    Message Editor InterfaceWhen posting messages to the forums or other members, there are three interface types available to you. The simplest of these is a simple text box, while the last is a fully-fledged WYSIWYG editor, which allows you to format your text as you want it and see the results immediately.

    Depending upon the capabilities of your web browser, you may not be able to use all of these options. If you experience problems when posting messages, try switching to a different interface type. Basic Editor - A simple text box Standard Editor - Extra formatting controls Enhanced Interface -Select this:" Full WYSIWYG Editing Message Editor Interface:"
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