Today, at the Indiana Bee School seminar, I was talking with a beekeeper who mentioned that she lets her bees raise queens without any grafting or the use of any special cages. She explained to me that she selects a frame from a "desirable" hive that has fresh eggs ( I guess she meant eggs younger than 3 days). She said she then makes several vertical nicks a few inches apart on cells with young eggs, as many as she wants queen cells to develop. She puts the frame into a nuc, fills up the nuc with capped brood frames and frames of honey and pollen and "stuffs" the nuc with nurse bees. She claimed that the bees will build the nicked cells into plumb queen cells and rear the eggs into queens. She described it as fool proof and her preferred method of raising new queens. Has anyone heard of this method, or tried it? If so, what do you need to keep in mind? TIA.