2008 Maine State Beekeepers Association Annual Meeting April 12
Thomas Seeley of Cornell and David VanderDussen of Nod apiaries (Mite Away II and Bee Cozy nucs) will be our featured speakers. Topics to include:
House Hunting by Honey Bees (swarm site locating)
IPM Mite Control with Mite Away II
Forrest Bees and Varroa Mites
Trends in Beekeeping

as always, we'll have a great lunch, raffle items, business meeting and lots of fun.

Also election of officers and Beekeeper of the year. If you would like to serve on the board or nominate a beekeeper for Beekeeper of the year, please contact our President, jmason01@maine.rr.com

Meeting Location: Calumet Club in Augusta, 9 am - 4 pm
Please see the MSBA website for registration and more information: