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    I made Mr. Hogans jig for cutting out hand holds today & boy that works GREAT ! My saw wasn't the same size so I had to modify it some but finally figured it out . I used a 60 tooth finish blade so it wouldn't flex too much. Thanks a lot for the nice video Mr. Hogan

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    Plans for the Handhold Jig (used for cutting handholds into the side of hive bodies with a portable circular saw) are available here:
    ... along with a link to the video.
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    Bobcat... Thank you for the nice comment.

    If people only knew how many versions of that jig I went through before I got one that worked, most would have given up. For years I used a 7/8 dado cut but wanted a hand hold that more closely resembled the commercial boxes. For the commercial machine, they asked me $8000.00 for the saw, and $2800.00 for the blade. That got me started thinking how I could make it cheaper. When Lawrence and I finally hit on the idea, and polished the jig some, I decided to share with anyone who was looking for the same thing I was looking for.

    I am glad I have shared the plans. Finally I made a video and put it on U-Tube. In about 2 years it has had approx 55,000 hits and I have likely received 20,000 requests for the plans.



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