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    Default Beesource feeder plans

    I bought an insert and built a box for one top feeder, now I want to build a feeder like the plans on beesource. I just don’t ‘get’ the directions on how to fold and place the hardware cloth, in the plans. Does this screen just cover the top of the opening or does it act as a ladder?

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    Default 3 screen pieces on the feeder

    Acts as a ladder and keeps the bees from going under the divider (A) and into the feeder well where they might drown. There are really three screens. Two are the ladders between A and B and the third is the cover that spans A to A. With the cover in place you can fill the feeder without bees flying out. I also made a screened cover for the whole affair. Often times your telescoping cover won't completely seal the feeder and you get bees coming under the cover and drowning in the feeder wells. You can fill the feeder through this screen and remove it if you need to clean the thing out.

    Hope this helps,

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    I assume you are talking about the miller feeder plan. I made about 20 of these and I would make the following changes.
    1. Change the board by the syrup to a screen instead and take it to the bottom of the feeder. The bees cannot crawl under it then.
    2. Put the entrance to the syrup on one side of the feeder on not in the middle. If you put the entrance in the middle you end up with two syrup compartments. If the hive is not perfectly level the bees cannot get to all of the feed.
    3. Screen the top of the feeder. You hive cover is not very bee proof and you will end up with a lot of drowned bees.
    4. Make sure that you put handholds or slats on them!

    Hope this helps.
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