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But I will repeat my still-unanswered question as to who you might
have spoken with at any time who might be called a "principal" in
the CCD effort to get your impressions.

Your use of the term "vested interest" was in direct reply to Joel's
question about "money", so if you want to now attempt to recolor
your comments, you'll have to provide more detail as to the specific
"vested interests" of specific parties rather than offering further

I guess you could say that my "vested interest" is in the facts.

Do I really have to call Monsanto or Dow or Bayer and ask if they're a charity or a business? Do I have to call up the universities and get a notarized statement from a researcher that states "Yes, we have an interest in studying stuff like CCD and the better our research is the more funding we receive"? Shall I call the almond growers and ask for scientific proof that they're interested in raising a profitable crop?

We're talking an industry here. Of course there's a money trail.

Come to think of it, your accusation that people are stealing and embezzling money should be proof enough that there's a money trail, don't you think?

I've been working with people from each classification listed, and the
common theme so far, the only common theme I've seen at all has been
that each has been stealing/embezzling money set aside for other
purposes to attempt to help out with this CCD thing.

Perhaps you'd like to post the names of principles who are stealing this money? Surely their bosses would like to know. Dealing in facts and all that....

p.s. Glad to see you back and posting.