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    Default powdered sugar dusting?

    I searched but could not find the answer I needed. I need to know if treating with powdered sugar will be detrimental to build up if I dust every 7 days apart starting today. I will only do this for four treatments. I have 2 hives and one has a 24 hour mite count of 45. The other one has a count of 9. I aquired these hives last July so this is my first spring with them and I do not want to mess them up.


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    Powdered sugar will not interfere with your spring build up but 4 times two weeks apart might. Try it twice twoweeks apart and monitor the mite drop. In the hive with the 46 count I would also use drone foundation and cull it. Do not just try to blow the sugar down through the frames pull each one and treat it then return it to the box.
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    Dusting effects (dislodges) ONLY phoretic mites. Because mites are only phoretic for about 5 days during brood rearing, about 20% of the mites enclosed in brood cells are emerging EVERY DAY. If dusting removes 100% of the phoretic mites exposed on that day, but 20% become phoretic the next day, 40% by second day, etc., the quantity of phoretic mites will return to pretreatment level within a week [ABJ, 5/07, p402]. Frequent dusting is required, especially when you first begin using this method. You MUST monitor mite load! [DLW-4/27/07]. Dusting once a week for several weeks knocks mite levels way back, dusting twice a month keeps the mites at low levels, and dusting monthly (or even less frequently) keeps the mites at tolerable levels [ABJ, 5/07, p402].
     It takes conscientious dusting at least once a week for 4 to 6 wks to remove mites emerging from brood to a level that then is low enough so that treatment can be backed off to once every 3-4 wks [ABJ, 9/06, p738, ABJ, 3/07, p197]. It takes several weeks to get ahead of the mites [ABJ 9/06, p739].
     Hives have been kept alive, healthy and virtually Varroa-free for approx 4 years [ABJ, 6/06, p500]. Using powered sugar treatments only, some Florida beekeepers have kept colonies alive for years w/o using chemical miticides [ABJ, 5/04, p362].
     Fakhimzadeh (2001) found that direct heavy dusting resulted in greater mite drop than light blow dusting [ABJ, 5/07, p404].


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