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    You also have to take into consideration what you feel your time is worth, as rough stock will have to be planed, sized and worked into boxes.
    The wood I get is already planed, MM. The biggest problem with it is the edges. There are some boards that don't have a perfectly straight edge. I use a block plane. Two or three swipes usually takes care of it. Ripping and crosscutting doesn't take much time at all.

    Of course, in my dream shop I'd have a joiner.

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    one thing to consider is arbor/ how long is it? can you use a dado blade. as for fancy get a belt driven,the miter well I welded mine in a 90* dregree I don't miter boxes it makes bee boxes. as for price older craftsman work great less plastic. got one for under 50.00 no need to make fancy box joints a rabbit joint holds as well. most newer saws don't have the arbor shaft to use a dado blade,those table tops wont hold up long and if your blade gets little dull forget sawing then.

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