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    Default Construction question

    Ok, I have built two hives now. I bought frames. I made 10 frames but for under a buck a peice I bought the rest; the effort to build wasnt worth the cost to me.

    Now that I used this sites plans, and put 10 frames in on metal rabbits, I was amazed at the extra space. I could just about get an 11th frame in these hives. I was very careful to keep my hive body size as close to the drawing as I could, and I am +/- 1/32. Does it sound like I done something wrong??

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    It sounds like you are good for now, after the bees have used the frames and boxrs for a bit they will put propolus on the wood and things will "tighten up" and you will wonder where all that room went just keep the frames pushed toght together when you put the bees in.
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    Your good to go. When you install your bees, push the frames together and center them in the box, making sure there is space to the outside on each side. That way they won't burr comb the side of the box that has alot of extra room.
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