At the last bee club meeting, I entered a converations with a gentleman about equipment, and he casually mentioned that he'd always thought that the inner cover hole was oriented the wrong way, and I agree.

But, WHY is the hole oriented the way that it is?

The size is dicated by, apparently, Porter bee escapes, which aren't really used in my area. (And my experience has shown that they're not really necessary, but that's another thread.)

A search of the posts on this forum has made mention that the hole allows a puff of smoke down into the hive before opening. But, a "cross-ways" cut hole would allow for this also, AND allow more smoke to fill between more frames.

Colony cooling was also mentioned in postings, however, with the conventional positioning of the hole, only the space between two frames would benefit, rather than 4 to 5 slots, which would be ventilated by a cross-ways cut inner cover hole.

So, Why ISN'T the inner cover hole cut sideways? instead of the way that it is? Any answers?