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Not to put down your efforts, but what makes any of us think that we can do something like producing a better pollen substitute than what those who make a living doing so can make? Just curious.

Well, we have thousands of hives to try out our products on, I call it the thousand hive lab. How better to REALLY find out if something works, that's on a thousand hive test run.

You here alot about this or that in commercial use. How many have a break down on premixed patties. Not very many,Oh they will tell you what the bag has in it, but we need to know what the patty has in it percent +/-. Are you feeding bags or patties?

Still alot of fog out there.

What I do is mix up ten batches of different subs ( that I am trying out premixed patty) and send to the lab for a profile. Then also put them out in the bees as well.