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    Question How do you cope with SHB?

    Small Hive Beetles (SHB) have just arrived in our area this year. Or so it seems anyway as our club members start to report incidents. During inspections of my hives this past weekend I found beetles in two of 13 hives. Surely overlooked some. My questions are these:

    If these are female beetles I'm seeing, when should I expect egg laying to begin?

    Typically I super my colonies near the end of March, checker-boarding and just stacking on a few extra. With beetles present should I adopt a different approach?

    I treat my stored supers with Xentari. Will this product kill the SHB larva as it does the wax moth larva?

    Has anyone thought of a means to capture/kill beetles that you observe on the comb during inspection? A vacuum, mineral oil spray, needle-nose pliers?

    Thanks for your responses in advance. I'm hoping to have some information to put out to club members at our February workshop.

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    Strong hives are the best defense against SHB. Nucs, splits, and weakened hvies are most vulnerable. Sunlight. Few places for beetles to hide (get rid of inner covers if a problem)

    Killing them in the hive is good, but you won't make a dent by killing them manually. There are a number of traps out there that can help keep the numbers down (West trap ,hood trap, AJ's beetle eater, homemade sandwich containers w/ holes drilled).

    Xentari or Bt won't kill beetle larvae. But the beetles aren't inclined to infest stored supers.

    There are lots of people fighting this battle....


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    The beetles will start laying as soon as it gets warm enough. I wouldn't be surprised if they're already at it!

    I has it when the beetles are on the comb, I can't get at them. I'm trying the AJ traps. The best method is a strong hive, keep a close eye on your levels and treat/trap accordingly.

    I think your supering methods will be fine.

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