Hi all,

I think I have a bee problem. Went to look at my bees today, seeing as it's so nice and sunny. The temp, though, is only about 42 deg. They were flying alright, but looking in the window of my Top Bar Hive I saw tons of condensation and quite a bit of mold. I removed the entrance reducer to give them more air and the bottom of the hive has many dead bees and black mold. What do I do? Do I keep the entrance reducer off the next several days and let it air out better? Should I put it on at night to better block the cold (it will be 29 deg. tonight) and remove it in the day for drying purposes? Do I remove the top and a couple combs to let it dry even better--I worry it's too cold for that.

The weather forecast for the next several days is...rain. Hive info: this is a TBH I started last spring. It built up beautifully, filled the 3 foot hive body with comb on every bar, gave excess honey and they still have plenty of stores that should last through spring (seeing how sparingly they've used the stores they have till now). I drilled a hole near the top on the entrance side of the hive to act as a chimney to remove condensation, but it doesn't seem to be working. I think that may be because I didn't drill the hole until fall (did it with a hand auger) and it opens up right at a comb, so there may not be enough space for the condensation to leave.

Thank you for your suggestions.

Beth in Connecticut