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I have the following bee mags for sale
American Bee Journal
All of 2000-12 issues
2002 Jan
2006 Jan Feb May
2007 Jan Feb March April May June July Sept Oct Dec

Bee Culture
2007 Sept Oct Dec

All of these magazines For $25.00 and I pay the shipping, But you do not pay me for these mags. You make a 25.00 donation to Beesource and when Barry tells me the donation has been received, I will ship them to you. Thanks , Jim

Do you think Trapper may have lit upon a good fund raiser idea here? Last year the former VP of my assoc. brought in some of his beekeeping discards/junk/treasures to a meeting and auctioned them off with all the proceeds going to the assoc. The idea was a good one, but it slowly died out because our assoc. is primarily new-bees. But perhaps something similar to that could work here. Periodically I see post in the for sale section for items that are just being given away or gotten rid of. Why not establish a section where we can get rid of items for the profit of the board, like Trapper's magazines... Trapper go rid of some shelf clutter, I got some good reading material, and BeeSource got a good donation.

Just some food for thought... what do y'all think?