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Thread: Best hounds?

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    American Water Spaniel: [Sungold] Reminds me of "Brownie",.. the first dog that I remember that was a part of our "family";...............going on,...50 years ago I guess. It was left with us by,. "someone";......a stranger to me back then when I was 7 or 8 yo. I guess. The dog was about one year old. He barked and WHINED! and barked some more for a long time while tied to a tree after it's owner drove away. I remember when we brought him into our house it would not let anyone within 6 feet without showing it's teeth and emitting a low growl; except for my Dad, for the first few days. He turned out to be a wonderful dog and great companion for my family at that time. People were amazed how he could dive under water [6 feet+] and retrieve something.

    American Water Spaniel: State dog of Wisconsin.

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    My favorite is the Golden Retriever. I've had two. They are the gentlest dogs I've ever seen. My first one was named Cookie. (named by my daughter who was two at the time) He lived to be 13. He survived three of our kids in the toddler stage, which meant little finger being poked in his mouth and nose, being climbed on and being used as a pillow by the last one.

    The one we have now is 9 years old. The kids named him Miles because two of them drove to SC to pick him up. When Miles was younger, he would jump on the trampoline with my youngest. He also stood by patiently while my son practiced baseball swings so he could retrieve the ball for him. When the same son took up golf, he did the same thing.

    Now that Miles is older, he doesn't get on the trampoline anymore, but he does fetch still. He thinks a tennis ball is the greatest thing there is. And he's great fun for my grandson. I read somewhere that Goldens were put on the earth to love all God's creatures, and I believe it. Both of my Golden Retrievers were/are everyone's pal. I wouldn't count on them to deter burglars though. If anyone broken into our house, I envision Miles saying to the thief, "Can I help you carry anything?"


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