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    Hello Indiana beekeepers. The Indiana State beekeepers are starting a new forum. We would like others around our state to join in and keep up to date info going for different regions in Indiana. Also would like to be able to help out new beekeepers in our State. Check it out and Join.

    Need help or questions? email me or PM me.

    Matt Green
    Gulf Shores, AL

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    Wheatfield, IN


    matt... I tried to register but never got a confirmation thing at my email address. I'm wondering if my email address was typed in wrong. I can't get in to check. Can't get on that forum as a result.
    Dan Williamson
    B&C Honey Farm

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    Thanks for the info Matt
    It's a real neat looking site
    Steve<br /><br /><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\"></a><br /><br />All that\'s golden must be honey

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    Dan I will look into it. Matt
    Gulf Shores, AL


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