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    Post Apitherapy: a sting where it hurts for the pain

    In February 06 I broke my wrist I had to have surgery where they put a stainless steel plate in and had to have 2 months of physical therapy to fix it . I only got back about 80-85% movement in it. I was working in a hive this last season without gloves and got stung right over the plate some swelling and minor discomfort was all there was to my surprise then in about an hour or two the swelling was gone and it felt better than it had since I had broken it. I don't know if my DR. would agree but I have been contemplating doing it again on purpose this time was wondering have there been any studies to prove /disprove the effectiveness of this ?

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    I don't know about studies, but there is a lot of anecdotal evidence. I personally have had great success with bee stings for neck and back pain. The first time I discussed it with my doctor he was completely dismissive of the idea. The last time I saw him, when he realized that I only refill my pain medication for long trips by car (about once every 6 month) he was a lot more receptive to the idea. He admitted that there are a lot of treatments that work that we can't explain the exact action. He agreed that if its working for me, I should continue it. I hope it continues to work for you.


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