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    This won't help de-crystallize the honey, but if you don't have too many bottles of it,

    store it in the freezer when clear.

    This will suspend the crystallization action and requires a lot less re-heating.

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    Default Frozen Comb Honey

    I've successfully kept cut comb in a freezer for quite a while because the honey was high in glucose so crystallized very easily.

    I did a test with jars of this honey once. I put 6 jars of honey which had crystals in my fridge/warming box so they would clarify. Then I removed and immediately replaced the lids of three jars. The jars sat on a shelf for a few months and the three which had been opened started to form crystals long before the other three. The tiny invisible particles in the air which entered the briefly opened jars where enough to give the sugar something on which to crystallize.
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