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    Default Ranger Motor Specs

    Could anyone tell me what the specs are on the moter for the powered ranger extractor. I have a little wonder that I am having a 9 frame cage made for and would like to investigate adding a motor.


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    Smile motor

    We just used a half inch variable speed reversable drill to power my dadant 6 frame extractor.
    Removed the handle and plastic gear-had a sleeve made by a machinist friend that slides right down on the shaft with an allen screw to lock it on, the drill slides down onto the shaft that was machined and we made a mount to secure the drill on top. We added a router speed control from harbor freight to control the drill speed even though it is variable.
    The biggest problem is spinning it too fast---take your time, no hurry.
    "Younz" have a great day, I will.


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