I'm in the market for purchasing some mini-mating nucs to expand my queen-rearing capabilities. The reason I'm purchasing is because I don't have too much time on my hands to build them myself, and the nice little set-ups look pretty nifty. Even if I did build them myself, I doubt that I could come close to the workmanship of the ones on the market.

The three models that I'm considering are:

Apidea http://www.swienty.com/?pid=1&id=113170

Warnholz http://www.beeworks.com/catalog/inde...roducts_id=129

Swi-Bi http://www.mannlakeltd.com/catalog/page67.html

So-far, I like the options of the Apidea best (removable feeder, plastic frames, plastic inner-cover, strong durable build, room for additional frames). The drawback to Apidea is that they would have to be imported, and they are quite expensive in relation to the other two models

The other two models don't seem to be made from material that is as durable as Apidea, however they both are quite a bit cheaper than the Apidea nuc.

I am wondering if anybody has any experiences to share for any of the three models, or if anybody has a different model to suggest.