For any of you other than those that have visited the chat room in the past week or so, you'll notice that we have a new moderator.

Honeyman has stepped up to help out with the spot left behind by Billy Bob.

Bill has asked to be relieved from the post because he doesn't feel like he's able to be affective any longer in the chat room operations. I tried my best to create as much shame and heartache as I could for him, but he still insists that someone should take his place!

Bill started our chat room and has been a moderator since then. We chatters have Bill to thank for getting it all started and keeping it going. He's finishing one degree now and headed for his next. He's a full time Fire Fighter, Beekeeper, does an unbelievable number of removals through the season, maintains the website and stays involved in someway with the Georgia Beekeepers Assoc., active with the Young Harris Institute teaching each year at the school, active in EAS and the list just keeps going!

Mrs. Honeyman (Bea) said it best just this past Sunday. If you want something done, ask a busy person!

That being said, Bill buddy, we wish you all the best in your endeavors and ambitions!!! Come by and visit when you get half a chance! And as far as I'm concerned you'll always be DA BIG DAWG! And if you don't, remember, I know where you live!!

If you've been to the chat room much you know who Honeyman is. Stop in when you get a chance and say howdy. He loves to chat!! He's retired and loving it! Spending all of his time with his family, friends and the bees of course. And is the President of the Northwest Indiana Beekeepers Assoc. And I for one am proud to be able to call him friend!!!

So if you can, stop in and give him a thanks for helping us keep it going.