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    Default Substituting propolis extract for hops in beer


    Have made a few honey Ales that were outstanding. I'm not sure if home made beer is as popular a pursuit in the 'Excited States' as the 'High(ly)Frozen North' as our beer prices are $21CAN ($22.68US lol) for std. domestic brands.

    My best recipe so far, tho all have been v. good and the diffs. are minute.

    Mostly I like a distinct hop character w/o strong bitterness so employ 'late hopping' technique.

    2 Kg (4.4lbs) Pale DME
    650 g (1 Can. Pint aka 2C) Honey
    2 oz Centennial last 30 mins (all hops loose leaf as make excellent filter bed)
    1 oz Centennial last 20 mins
    1 tbsp Irish Moss last 15 mins.
    1 oz Centennial last 10 mins
    1 oz Centennial last 2 mins

    Wyeast 1056 American Ale Very, very, very, extremely, very, extremely important to use pure strain liquid yeast

    Total Boil Time 30 Minutes
    Sparge into as cold as poss. H2O
    Ferment temp 10C (50F)

    Liquid yeasts may be a few$$ but if start the next batch on dregs of previous batch's primary can do 4-5X bringing the cost down to a negligible amt. $$

    But wandering lol if anyone has attempted to substitute a ethanol extraction of propolis for the hops???

    Tasting the prop. extr. it reminds me of hops kinda and both have antimicrobial properties.




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    I would substitute practically anything in favor of Centennial, which adds a soapy flavor to most beers. I do not like it AT ALL for boiling hops. I suppose some like the bitterness or mouthfeel of soap....

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    My propolis tastes kinda like original flavor Listerine. I don't think I want a beer that tastes like that!


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