I need some advice on what to do at this point. Back in the middle of August I treated my hive is Apistan and left in the hive for recomend period of time. Dead mites fell. I put screened bottom board on the hive about a month and a half ago with a slatted bottom board. About 5 days ago I noticed 3 dead bees outside of the hive with deformed wings. Yesterday a did a powdered sugar roll and within 6 hours I found 29 varroa on my plastic insert of the screened bottom board. They were various sizes & colors. Some were mix in the sugar and dead. Some were on top of the sugar and still alive (these I might add were redish in color). At this point I'm not sure what to do. November is right around the corner. Is it too late to treat with anything. Maybe EO's? I live in Brookings Oregon, about 7 miles from the ocean in a forested area, elevation about 500 ft. Girls are still flying and there are still drones around. I might add the hive is two deep and the girls are on large cell.

Thanks for any and all help,