Hi all, Wonder if anyone can help. I'm a newbie, started my first hive a bit late in the year with a nucleus and this years queen. Bees were lovely, quiet and easy to work. Everything seemed to be on track but we have had a very cold wet summer. The hive did not seem to be expanding at the rate I expected but I had put this down to poor weather conditions. A few weeks ago, I went to check and found the queen on the ground in front of the hive. There seems to be no reson at all for this. No sign of any queen cells previously, still plenty of stores. Checking the frames, I found eggs and larvae at all stages including new laid eggs. Anyone got any ideas??? Since it was too late to requeen, I decided to try and maintain the remainder of bees to at least prduce stores and drawn frames to start again next year. However, the girls have become very aggressive. Just approaching the hive brings them out in droves dive bombing and stinging. Is this normal???:confused: