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    Default small hive beetle workshop, Eastern Nebraska

    To all beekeepers in Eastern Nebraska and anyone else this may concern, apparently a couple cases of small hive beetle (SHB) have been found in eastern Nebraska and Dr Marion Ellis is conducting a workshop on small hive beetle (SHB) on Oct. 27th 2007 from 10am to noon at the Lancaster county extension office, 444 Cherry Creek Rd suite A Lincoln, Nebraska 68528. As we all know this is a very destructive creature and should be stopped at all cost. Unless this was recently brought in with a couple of hives we have probably had a problem for some time. So come to the workshop and learn how to stop it or at the very least control it.

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    If you figure out how to control them let me know. I have had a couple hives and a nuc wiped out by those little buggers. They all smelled like rotted citrus and looked liked maggot covered road kill.
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    I've had them for three or four seasons. They were never a problem......until this year, and it was a rude wake-up call. I had lot of absconding hives and lots of dirty comb. But interestingly, it was only in one yard. All my other sites had some beetles, but nothing, absolutely nothing like this one yard set in deep shade in a large woods next to a stream.

    And that was largely the problem. Too much shade in a wooded setting.

    I would like to see the details/outline/summary of the workshop published somewhere in this forum, or a link to a web site made available.

    My best resource has been this site:

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    Beekeeping With Twenty-five Hives:


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