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    Default All-in-One Decappers/Extractors/Melters

    Looking forward to retirement and expanding my apiary beyond 25 colonies, I'm cosidering upgrading my honey processing to make it more automated. Do you have experience using the all-in-one units that decap, extract, melt & pump honey and process wax etc.? I have seen them advertized via Walter T. Kelly and Dadant and maybe there are others. Your opinion?

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    Default $

    Not to steal your thread, but...

    Nice all-in one-unit, but I couldn't help thinking how long it would take as a sideliner to recoup your investment. They say for larger hobbiest/sideliners to up to 300 hives. With the investment it takes in specialized equipment, I can now fully understand why many of this industry's operators are in shall we say: "advanced years"... It takes quite a bit of capital to get the right equipment, and I'd say most younger folks don't have the money or credit to get equipment. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

    Oh, check out "Dave's Plane" on their home page... Maybe you can get a package deal.



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