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    Default mead monetary worth???

    I am brand new to this forum (just registered and this is my very first post...)

    I am also interested in beekeeping since about 1999 or so and know a little bit about it but don't know where to start.

    but thats beside the point of this particular post.

    I have read the posts here about how to make your mead, but nobody seems to go on to say how much mead is monetarily worth these days either per jar or per pound etc.

    so how much is mead worth?

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    Since you can't sell it without a lot of permits from the federal and state governments, it seems irrelevant... but I'm sure you can find some for sale somewhere.

    A search on Goggle for "mead for sale" gets over a thousand hits.
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    A vet tech?.....God bless ya! I just went back into private practice after a 3 year stint in grad school. I'm already goin' nuts and couldn't do it without the good help I get from my techs.


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