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    Default Old Walter Kelly Extractor

    I am the recipient of a 40 gallon stainless two basket manual HEAVY DUTY Walter Kelly extractor. You could move a locomotive with the gear train. There is some rust on the expanded metal baskets and on the metal (cast iron?) gate. Everything is in great shape otherwise. The gate is welded into the 40 gal tank. How should I deal with the rust? Should I replace the metal gate with a newer gate? I already own a powered extractor and will probably buy a lid and use this as a storage tank. I believe this extractor was purchased new in the min 70's. Any advice will be appreciated.

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    Default extracter

    when you find out let me know. I have one of their 4 frame hand crank extracters with the same issues. itwas probibly built around the smae time as yours. it's clearly hand made.


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