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Subject: Native Bee Inventory and Monitoring Open Lab - Oct 18th


On October 18th from 9:00a.m. to 9:00p.m. the USGS Native Bee Inventory
and Monitoring Lab in Beltsville, Maryland will be open to anyone who
would like to visit and work on native bees, learn bee identification, or
identify their specimens.

We can provide a place to stay for people who are coming from out of town.

Directions to the lab follow:

Directions to the USGS Native Bee Inventory and Monitoring Lab

Sam Droege's Work Number: 301 497 5840
Home Number: 301 390 7759

Directions from the intersection of the Washinton Beltway (495) and the
Baltimore Washington Parkway (295).

Travel NORTH outside of the Beltway towards Baltimore on 295.

In approximately 5 miles and about 3 exits you will come to an exit for
Powdermill Road

Take the single exit ramp to Powdermill Road and turn LEFT

(NOTE: The main campus and the visitor's center for Patuxent Wildlife
Research Center is to the Right, but our lab is located on Beltsville
Agriculture Research Center property and therefore you must turn LEFT
towards Beltsville)

Travel about 1.5 miles.

On your right you will see Entomology Road, this is a marker that your
turn is coming soon.

Take the next right onto Center Road.

Travel to the last lab building on the left (there are no lab buildings on
the right).

This will be building 308 which is very clearly marked.

Park in the parking lot out front.

At the door hit the button on the black box, wait for a reply, and then
tell them you are here to visit me and they will let you in.

Alternatively, if someone is going in or out you can go directly in.

I am in room 124.

Door's usually open.


Sam Droege Sam_Droege@USGS.GOV
w 301-497-5840 h 301-390-7759 fax 301-497-5624
USGS Patuxent Wildlife Research Center
BARC-EAST, BLDG 308, RM 124 10300 Balt. Ave., Beltsville, MD 20705