my wife and I had our 3rd child last month. Due to an extended stay in the hospital I had a hive that i suspected was in trouble go queenless. Laying workers developed which I was able to shake out when I got back and successfully introduce a caged queen. Last weekend I noticed a bunch of gunk on the bottom board and then I noticed the SHB larva. What a mess. I went through every frame and pulled the ones that had larva crawling through them. Ended up taking this hive all the way down to a single deep from two deeps/super. The bees are crammed in there but it appears they are getting control over the beetles. I am hoping this hive makes it, if so I plan on placing one of my supers on top and let them overwinter in a deep plus medium super full of capped honey. The good news was the new queen was laying really good.It was a shame to have to pull some brood but I really think they needed help defending a small space and most looked doomed with worms crawling through them.

I was wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience and what their outcomes were?