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    Default have you seen this before??

    I have 7 nuc's that have queens in them, I raised these queens 2 months ago, we have been in a drought for months and the queens were going goo but all hives shut down, goldenrod just started blooming and now we are getting some rain, all big hives raising brood like crazy and I have open feeders out and top feeders on the nuc's and some of the big hive's for about 1-2 weeks now, the nucs queens aren't laying yet, the bee's are filling the brood cells with syrup and the workers bring in pollenand all nuc's have 2-3 frames of drawn comb still empty in the nuc's, how long yaw think it will take the queens to start laying again, anyone seen this before, I am going to give them another week and if they aren't laying I am re queening these nucs, I could understand if it was one but not all 7. all opinions welcomed......
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