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    What is the most versatile uncapper recommended for production runs of 100 to 500+ supers?
    John B Jacob

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    I have the Cowen uncapper. It was the best investement I have made. I had an old Cowen Jumbo, and it worked okay, but it ate many frames. This new one eats one in a thousand or so.

    With it and the 60 frame unit, with three guys I have extracted up to 360 boxes in a 10 hour day. But on average we push through 250 boxes in an 8 hour day.
    Ian Steppler >> Canadian Beekeeper's Blog

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    hey jbj i am thinking about upgrading my current set up for next year was thinking a little about the cowan systembut just went to a beekeepers place he runs a dakota guness and 4 smooth reel extractors with four people he can run 600 boxes in a 8 hour day and the equipment is simple enough that his eight year old girl can run it. i really like it it has speed and simplicity. thus you dont need to be in the extracting room you could hire any body. where as with the cowan i have i have to be standing next to it no one else canrun it that great.


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