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    Default Old queen and unrelated daughter -- together


    -One 5-frame medium nuc of 1-1/2" styrofoam walls and cover, with a #8 mesh insert in the center bottom.
    -All five frames from one parent colony.
    -Introduced cultured queen cell.
    -At a later inspection, located dark colored, marked queen, accidentally introduced from parent colony.
    - Queen cell appears unharmed, so I am leaving the dark queen in there to see if the new queen might replace her if she emerges.
    - About one week ago, after the queen cell was already very late hatching, I removed it and discovered that, even though it appeared complete, it was entirely empty :confused:.
    - Today I was checking on this nuc and discovered that there were two queens, both laying, they were side-by-side, literally. The old dark queen was working on the same comb as my new cultured, Cordovan queen. (These two queens are entirely unrelated). This nuc was of calm disposition and the bees were not running on the combs. While I watched with fascination, I saw the two queens walk into each other, face-to-face. To be anthropomorphic, it was like when they bumped into each other, seeing them each say, "pardon me", whereupon they each promptly did a 180 degree turn and continued on their merry ways.
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