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    I agree with Irwin, big packers have a lot of buying power and can hold huge inventories. You've probably already mentioned this in previous posts, but what is the Candian position on country of origin labeling?

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    Default country of orgin label in canada

    kinda of a joke here, a bad joke on producers
    Canadian honey council has been asking CFIA to change the current honey label for 8 years
    Current label says Canada#1, (OR grade) and infine print on the back blend of or country of orgin , so far all that has been accomplished is a study by CFIA that shows the labels could possibly be missleading to a consumer.We are not the only industry affected by this, the juice industry has a problem where the country of orgin is not shown or required.
    tis a sad state of affairs
    Domestic honey is tested in the same no. of tests as imported, and these numbers are not high
    CFIA is a disaster looking for a place to happen, and give it enought time it will ; only it wouldn't be pet food it will be people food

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    Default Re: Bulk Honey Buyers

    Wow this thread went way off topic didnt it lol. We'll I've been lurking on this forum for a while but I decided to join today since I'm in need of purchasing bulk amounts of raw honey for my newly founded business Trying to go down the health route... Anyways
    I guess I could give it a shot here. I'm looking for lots and lots of buckwheat of any sorts (wildflower buckwheat) or those dark honeys... and sage of any sorts white, purple, black button ... So please if anyone can supply me with some honey, I'll purchase it at any quantity.

    Shoot me an email at

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