Bjourn> I think a state by state listing as your pollination forum is set up

i agree

you could also set up one for people who sell nucs or hives. so local people could find a source and even get a chance to look in what they are buying before the buy. you could also set one up for queen breeders who are members here on beesource. i know a lot of times that they post in the for sale section, but i think many times people have queens or nucs that they would sell but don't post.

>[Your not even on the pollination thread.]
"Darned if you are, darned if you aren't

I'm not on the list, because I'm not contributing what I don't believe in."

i'm not on the list either, even though i pm'ed peggjam to ask if he could start one, and it was done within a day, because i thought it might prove to be valuable to those who pollinate. just as adding a section for people who sell honey, or even nucs, packages, hives, or queens could prove to be valuable for the people who wish to do so, even if i don't get on the list myself.