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    Default ? about varroa on queen

    I started a split a few weeks ago. The queen hatched out fine and everything looks good until today - I noticed a mite on her back. I'm going to requeen, but I'm just wondering what would the chances of treating the hive with Apiguard or Checkmite be and getting that particular mite to fall off the queen be?

    I assume having a mite on your queen is detrimental to the health of the hive and needs to be addressed asap with winter coming. I've never used mite treatments, so I don't know how good the coverage is in getting mites to fall off.

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    It's one mite. Is it attached? The question isn't whether there is one mite on the queen, but how many mites in the hive. You need to do some kind of assessment of that. A sugar roll, a natural mite drop...
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