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    Well, my first year back in bees turned into a disaster. I have been trying to get rid of SHB for a couple of months now. Now the SHB have solved the current problems for me. All 3 hives absconded and full of SHB larvae. Wax Moth was just starting to move in. Robbing taking place in ernest. The only thing I can see different to do next year is to put the hives in full sun and use some kind of trap. The only place on my property for full sun is in the back yard. I really didn't want the hives that close to where children could be playing. Oh well, I will clean up the equipment and salvage the boxes and frames for next year.

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    So sorry to hear of your loss. I was seeing lots of beetles in my weaker hives 2-3 weeks ago but checked them all yesterday and only saw one beetle. Maybe they have peaked for the year. The sun does seem to help. The beetles I was seeing were in the shade.
    I believe the key is to keep the bees as crowded as possible without swarming.
    Wish you better luck come spring..

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    in regards to the shb I can see degrees of difference in numbers within a hive even between partially shaded and sunny areas. this year we had a lot of rain during the early summer and their numbers were limited and when the rains became a bit more scarse the shb came back in large numbers. my best results in regards to catching and intereacting with shb infestation in an individual hive was to feed and boost (via brood).

    one 'dinky' hive in particular was in full shade and came back nicely.

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    I have also had lots of problems with SHB. All is good today, that can change overnight. Get a good trap, keep the bees tight, check them lots during summer.Good luck next spring.


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