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    Default Yellow Jackets eating honey

    I was cleaning up my garage and I found a frame with some honey stored along the top. (I pulled the framed 3 weeks ago) I did a little damage to the capping and it was leaking honey so I figured I would just put it out for the bees. At first I put it about 20' from the hives and after 3 days no bees. I then put it about 6' from the hives and I notice a lot of activity on the frame. Lots of yellow jackets going in and out of the cells. They were going after the honey. My bees wouldn't go near the frame. I thought they were meat eaters only. I thought it was common practice to leave frames out for the bees to clean up?

    Why didn't my bees go for the honey? 6' from the hive they must have known it was there.
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